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#throwbackthursday: 8 Involving My Most Memorable Flights/Trips.

Throwback Thursday night, also known as #tbt concerning Twitter and Instagram, is when people posting old pictures of themselves with the past. Well, I thought I'd join in a fun walk down memory lane including pictures from a number my memorable past flights/trips. In my situation, some of my best trips may not be the best in-flight products, but in my eyes when a flight can deliver me to an unforgettable experience, then that achieved its goal along with I've achieved mine.

1) While maybe the application isn't throwing back past the boundary, this past week I flew Milan to JFK on Alitalia's A330 using new Magnifica Class lie-flat seats (full review to come). Value: I booked the airfare using SkyMiles and since it can be a partner, it was at the low 50, 000-mile level for the one-way (my outbound was mid-tier so it was 150, 000 mile after mile total roundtrip).

This trip was memorable because I decided on the Beyonce concert with Milan last Saturday and actually got to meet your queen bee herself following on from the show, thanks to some friends who're friends with her most people. She was incredibly welcoming and funny, which was impressive after using an incredible 2-hour show and the need to fly out that event!

2) When My partner and i quit my job at Morgan Stanley in May of 2011, I left my workplace on my last daytime and headed straight for JFK for my first visit to Tokyo. This was three months or more after the terrible earthquake within Japan and tourism generally there had dropped off some cliff. Delta actually comped this flight since flights were empty where they wanted to let people realize their LAX-Haneda 777-LR flight was like (I don't take comps from that travel industry anymore and additionally haven't since this trip). Certainly, this was my to begin with solo trip and first-time to Japan and visiting over the crisis aftermath ended upward being great because I could see so much of the city in a short period. I even got your behind the scenes tour inside the Tsukiji Fish market, which you normally can't do the moment tourism is booming.

3) Flying behind Madonna in British Airways Top in June 2010. Last season, I encouraged my friend for getting in on the first British Airways 100, 000 (now 50, 000) credit-based card offer and he found themselves spending $30, 000, which qualified him with the Travel Together Ticket. We a friend's wedding in London that summer, so he agreed to make use of the companion ticket for me – on condition that I paid the ~$800 within taxes/fees for my priced. $800 for a roundtrip journey in British Airways Excellent to London? Sign me up!

On the outbound leg Madonna appeared boarding as the especially last person and she was seated in front of me. Unluckily for people, I had just taken a sleeping pill making sure that I could sleep immediately upon takeoff on the short hop to London. The flight ended up being delayed for about 90 minutes and Madonna diva'd out several times and I must struggle to stay awake to savor the shenanigans! At one point the pilot released and apologized for the next thunderstorm (the cause of this delay) and Madonna asked he "step on it" when airborne. Lesson learned: do not take sleeping pills until airborne!.

I did speak to her briefly that morning and asked her upto a concert she was designed to perform in Rio for any New Year's – there was many internet speculation, but not confirmation then i decided to ask the cause directly. She confirmed she was required to cancel, but apparently she may just be returning this year or even next. I remember she talked about "Hi Sweetie" when in conversation with me, which was a high light for me…being called Sweetie by way of the Material Girl. Thanks to the British Airways Visa companion pass to make it happen!

4) In November 2012 I got to fly on a United 787 from S . f . to Houston to Chicago in the Star Mega Do #4. I what food was in coach, but in a bulkhead, and I certainly enjoyed the ride, especially since it was grounded a few months later. United just resumed aircraft this week and I hope the 787's troubles usually are behind it, because a a spacious, smooth plane. I look forward to help testing it out around the globe, which is where its jet-lag-reducing benefits are actually supposed come into enjoy.

5) My Nanna, who lives in Asheville, NC currently is 90 years old although she's still sharp for a whip, her body is frail and traveling ingests a toll on her. One of her favorite things to attend to is visit my cousin in Santa Barbara, Ca, but since she experienced a hip replacement, this girl can't do the voyage alone. So for Thanksgiving 2011 I burned some US Air tract miles and redeemed for excellent Charlotte-Los Angeles and made the pilgrimage with your girlfriend. I learned a tremendous amount traveling with someone who had mobility issues, but we'd an amazing trip. Community . wasn't the fanciest entry to miles, it was an individual trip I'll remember for good.

6) In September 2010 I burned 120, 000 Delta SkyMiles and booked vacation to Paris and Seychelles. Air Seychelles was pleasant and intensely unique. I remember getting scented oils inside the amenity kit and the food was definitely…tropical. It was my first time to the Indian Ocean and a very exotic place I had been during the time so the trip had been extra special. Sadly, Air Seychelles don't offers codeshared flights coming from Paris to SEZ, so it's much harder to obtain there using SkyMiles.

7) Last April I spent two to three weeks in Thailand, Cambodia and additionally Hong Kong and As i flew home on Cathay First using British Airways Avios. It was a great experience and one I hope to do again soon. Cathay First is one of several top first class solutions, so if you haven't expert it yet, put it within your to-do list!

8) This January I actually went Capetown, Johannesburg and Kruger together with flew South African Airways trading class roundtrip for 110, 000 US Airways miles. While the seat was a lttle bit short and the product wasn't great, I be required to say my South Africa trip was probably one of the best I've ever taken. South Africa has so much to offer – out of beaches in Cape Town, amazing wine and food in wine country (just a couple of hours outside of Cape Town), historical past and culture in Johannesburg along with life-changing safari experiences.

My own South African Safari ended up being a breathtaking experience especially seeing this rare leopard merely feet away.

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