Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One Distance at a Time - A Noble (dis )HHonor: Cathay Pacific Bar Bay Area

IntroductionAloft San Francisco AirportCathay Pacific Lounge San FranciscoCathay Pacific First School San Francisco to Hong KongCathay Pacific First Type Hong Kong to SingaporeSt. Regis SingaporeSingapore Airlines Silver Kris Bar SingaporeSilkAir Organization Class Singapore to Koh SamuiConrad Koh SamuiBangkok Airways Economy School Koh Samui to BangkokLe Meridien BangkokRoyal Jordanian Company Course Bangkok to Hong KongCathay Pacific aThe Winga First Class Lounge Hong KongCathay Pacific First Type Hong Kong to San Francisco We took a shuttle from the Aloft to the airport at around 10:30PM, and made it there about 10 minutes later. Iave gotta state so far as US airports go, I donat think there are several that are better than San Franciscoas Airport, especially the international terminal. Terminal exterior Airline signage Terminal interior We simply found the Cathay Pacific check-in region, which was fairly clear considering that many people had already checked in. Cathay Pacific check-in There is nobody ahead of us in the first type line, and we were served in a matter of seconds. Cathay Pacific first class check-in Cathay Pacific has one of the smallest first class rooms on their 777s, with only six seats. If the cottage is full Iave discovered itas like musical chairs to make certain every one sits together. You will find two rows of seating with three seats per row. The two middle chairs start towards the best section, meaning if youare traveling together you desire to stay in either 1D & 1K or 2D & 2K (or if you prefer windows you may do 1A & 2A or 1K & 2K). In cases like this we had seats 1A and 2D provided how late we booked, and the cabin was complete. I wasnat actually going for them to replace our seats to ask, though there clearly was a traveling in first class and the check-in agent asked if we'd mind swapping chair 2D for 1D, because the couple in first class had seats 2K and 1D designated. Obviously we didnat head because that would give us seats 1A & 1D, and if it would be possible to ask the individual seated in 1K whether theyad be ready to switch to 1A at that place I asked. If youare traveling alone 1A & 2A are the finest seats since you donat have other people sharing the section with you, therefore like it'd be described as a win-win it seemed. He explained theyad focus on it, and that I should check-in again at the door. We headed towards security, and they only had an individual street open, on top while it wasnat very active. Heading towards safety Below is a image of how my boarding pass looked after the security agent (itas not TSA in San Francisco, but rather aTeam SFOa) checked it. Iam maybe not wanting to be an ass, but could someone please reveal to me how thatas even slightly necessary? Significantly, what is this, kindergarten? And are these testicles? Boarding complete after the always check I find aTeam SFOa to be among the rudest safety ateama in the usa, and currently was no exception. They were only utilising the full body scanners and perhaps not the metal detectors, that I imagine is okay, except the queue for entering the full body scanner was about 20 people deeply. The agent working the line kept screaming adonat enter line until your entire items are within the x-ray.a Thatas good, though thereas a slight problem. Youare not allowed to keep your items untreated, but youare also not allowed to get in the line for the whole body reader until your items come in the x-ray. The line for the full body scanner was about 5 minutes long, and from the full body scanner line you couldnat begin to see the other side of the x-ray strip, where your possessions are. So I asked the representative aexcuse me, how am I supposed to be able to keep an eye on my possessions when I canat see them from here?a He gave me a blank look, mumbled somewhat, and explained, atheyall be wonderful, weall ensure other passengers donat feel them.a I responded with aitas not other passengers Iam involved about,a but that seemed to go over his head. Positive thing I wasnat transiting Heathrow, where the normal protection question is ahave you been in possession of your bags the entire time?a Anyway, once through security we turned left towards the region with the lounges and took the elevator up to the next level, where in actuality the Cathay Pacific bar is located. Lounges 2nd level bar area Cathay Pacific opened their new bar in Bay Area a little over last year, therefore I was curious what it was like. Last time I took this journey they used the British Airways bar, which was quite average. As soon as I discovered the lounge it felt like a universal Cathay Pacific lounge at among their outstations, which they be seemingly pretty in keeping with. Lounge exterior Upon entering the lounge we were welcomed and advised there would have been a boarding call for our trip. Near the entrance was a company center with a small number of Mac computers. Organization center As the lounge is a great size, it was packed. There clearly was hardly a clear seat, and thereas not just a separate first class section, therefore it really doesnat feel like all that premium of a bar. It fundamentally has four partitioned off seating parts, each with maybe a dozen seats, in addition to a bar area. Bar seating Bar seating Lounge sitting The bar area contains a few communal tables. Bar place There was a home assist buffet which was okay. It contained four hot recipes, salad, finger sandwiches, and packaged snacks. Buffet Buffet selection Warm possibilities Cold choices There was also a modest open bar. Bar is served by self Self assist bar As is rather common in Cathay Pacific lounges, there is also a made-to-order noodle station. If youare likely to eat in the lounge, thatas possibly the destination for a achieve this. Noodle station Noodle section menu I'd the wonton crackers, of really good since I hadnat enjoyed all night. Wonton noodles Itas worth noting the wifi in the bar was excruciatingly slow. I know the lounge was full and consumption was probably high, but I still think that is unacceptable in a brand new lounge in the usa. Attempting to check on the status of my chair change, I went to the door about 10 minutes before boarding was called, at around 11:20PM. Walking to gate Our starting entrance was A3, that is located down the escalator from the primary concourse. Escalator to departure door Whilst the flight was completely reserved, the gate area was surprisingly bare. Iam guessing everybody else was in the bar centered on how complete it was. Departure gate I headed up to the podium to see if they were able to change my chair, and before my sentence could be finished by me they handed me a brand new boarding pass for 1K. Great. At around 11:45PM boarding was called, starting with first and business class. 777 taking us to Hong Kong 777 taking us to Hong Kong

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