Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Point Me with the Plane - AA 10% Global Destination Coupons are Back… Some to Give Away!

Another big because of reader BigMiker15 who could pick up the last 5 AA 10% coupon codes at his local D'Agostino supermarket with Manhattan. The coupons are good for 10% off any airfare booked through May 15, 2013 to get travel through May nineteen, 2013. The offer is valid to get a destination worldwide and is good for one-way or round-trip vacation. The coupons are given at checkout counters at D'Agostino supermarkets in trade for making a donation to Citymeals.

I'll email the promo codes to your first 5 readers to email me a Say Precisely what? Overheard on the Plane entry. Please also respond inside comments section with "email sent". Requests without an entry is not considered. What is Say What exactly? Overheard on the Airplane? It's a weekly blog entry with ridiculous stuff that Point Me to your Plane readers have overheard on the flights. The weekly feature can be returning in June. Everyone!

Link: Zagreb, the Croatian capital is perfect to visit in spring

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