Friday, May 10, 2013

Deals We Like - Clarification on American Airline Status Upgrade Promo

Last week I posted about a targeted promotion where American Airline was sending select AAdvantage members the opportunity to upgrade their status. There are four different promotions overall and you MUST actually register for the promotion.

Now, as I mentioned last week, you will only be upgraded IF you in fact received this email. With all American Airline promotions, anyone can register and receive a confirmation page and email. This DOES NOT mean you actually qualify for the promotion. Of course it doesn't hurt to register and see if the promotion applies to you (in case the email went to your spam folder or what not). You will know whether or not you were targeted based on what your current AAdvantage status now states online. If you tried registering last week when I first announced this promotion, your status will already be updated. If your status is NOT updated that means you were not registered and thus not eligible for the promotion.

I know there was a lot of confusion around this, so I just wanted to clarify! Here are the four promotions that people received.

*With this last promotion, you'll have to call American to ensure you qualify as there is no way of telling in your account. This was a promotion where you will not receive status right away (like the other ones), but will only earn it once you hit the various miles/points levels.

For those of you who received this email, enjoy your upgraded status and good luck earning the points to continue the status for almost another 2 years!! Just don't forget to register.

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