Friday, May 24, 2013

Deals We Like - Double AirTran A+ Credit for Flights to/from Atlanta

Last week I posted that when booking through Southwest you will get double points for all travel to/from Atlanta, however, the same double credit promotion holds true for those itineraries booked through AirTran. Although the two airlines are in the middle of a merger and you can fly one airline even when booking through the other, the promotions are only good through the airline booking site you made your reservation with. If you made your reservation through, only promotions offered through the AirTran site will qualify, while if you made your reservation through, only promotions offered through the Southwest site will qualify. However, the itineraries are able to be operated by the other carrier.

For itineraries booked through AirTran Airways for travel between June 16 and July 24, you are able to get double credits per flight if you are flying to/from Atlanta. With this promotion, you'll earn two credits for every one-way Coach flight and three credits with every one-way Business Class fare.

Again, like every other AirTran promotion, you must have booked your ticket during the promotional dates and have registered for the promotion PRIOR to booking. This means that any travel that was booked previously, even if the travel dates fall into the promotional dates will not earn you double credits.

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