Monday, April 22, 2013

Point Me to the Plane - The Newest NYC Tourist Attraction – The Pay Telephone Time Device

Yes, we still have pay phones in NYC, although today they are much more used as wifi locations than for actually placing calls. Bill Weir, Andrew Lampard, David H. Brad and Miller Marxer over on Yahoo come up with the modern use for these phonesajust make sure to carry your anti-bacterial solution alonga Itas hard enough to admit to your self that 1993 was twenty years before, but itas even harder to imagine New York City circa 1993.ATimes Square was an position, subways were covered with graffiti and the city had a crime problem. All that's changed today, but what if you could travel back in time and experience the city as it once was?ANow you can a' just grab a Brand New York City pay phone. No, it doesnat transport you in a literal sense, but you'll hear what was happening on that phoneas block in 1993 from a person who was there, if you face a1-855-FOR-1993a from any of the cityas 5,000 pay devices. The exhibit includes audio reports from designers, activists, acelebutantesa and aclub kidsa a' also the metropolisa only homegrown New York City Marathon winner.AThis great active campaign is known as aRecalling 1993,a and it was prepared by the New Museum as a promotion for its current exhibit, aNYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star.a Named following a Sonic Youth cd, the exhibit includes art that was shown or created in New York City in 1993.aWeare locating a purpose to create those pay phones back,a explained Ray Del Savio, a co-employee creative director at Droga5, the advertising company that applied aRecalling 1993a for the New Museum. aThere are so many New Yorkers who werenat here in a93. You will experience what it absolutely was like.aAHow did Droga5 control the seemingly gargantuan task of assigning an authentic history to every town pay phone? After locating all the cityas pay phones in working order, Droga5as staff built a of all the working payphones. When a1-855-FOR-1993a is dialed, the database finds the pay phone that made the phone call and then feeds back a story particular to the pay phoneas location.ASo the next time youare in the town, pick up any pay phone and revisit 1993. BothAaRecalling 1993aAand the Newest MuseumasAaNYC 1993: Fresh Fly Collection, Waste and No StaraArun until May possibly 26. Posted by adam

Via: Audit: taxi drivers of overloaded Vegas tourists $15 million in 2012

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