Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Great Snails Invade Florida

Massive African land snail A U.S. Department of Agriculture It sounds like the plot of an comic book or reduced rent science fiction. Large snails, as big as rats, have invaded Florida and are eating whateveras within their course. Who'll save yourself the Sunshine State from these marauding molluscs? Obviously the giant African land snail could be the worldas many harmful invasive species. It eat plaster and stucco and will eats every natural thing it comes across. South Florida is experiencing an invasion of epic proportions. Simply because they were first spotted in their state in 2011 up to now 117,000 of the unwelcome guests have now been caught. A lot more than 1000 are captured weekly in the Miami-Dade area. The snailsa hunger is not the only real risk they pose. They release (and by areleasea after all poop) slime on streets, developing a slippery mess that presents a danger to pedestrians. Their shells could strike out a tire if you run over one, and the shells become dangerously sharp projectiles if run over by way of a mower. An critical African Land Snail Science Symposium has been convened in Galveston to organize a counterattack contrary to the invaders. Have a look at ore about this in The Toronto Star You may be thinking about related articles described with: Environmental, Florida, Sidelines Stephanie Spencer is really a freelance travel author from Canada who has been held captive by the travel business for over 13 years. An incurable wise aleck, infamous purple nut, cap person, and ukulele person of doubtful talents, Stephanie explores the nerdy side of travel on her blog A Nerd Most Importantly, and dispenses arbitrary quirkiness as @ANerdAtLarge on Twitter. She certainly believes that such a thing is achievable with enough determination and copious amounts of chocolate.

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