Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nazca Lines Being Ruined

NEWS // Nazca LinesA John Williams An unauthorized limestone quarrying operation in Peru has destroyed a small element of the historical Nazca Lines geoglyphs and damaged other parts of the famous images which are protected as a World Heritage Site. Critical and permanent harm has been done to several of the geoglyphs by the limestone operationas utilization of heavy machinery. One trapezoid has been obliterated, and portions of lines ruined, nevertheless the Peruvian government has yet to step in and take action against the firm which is working illegally in the protected area. Learn more about that in Gadling You may be interested in related posts labeled with: Culture, News, Peru Stephanie Spencer is just a freelance travel author from Canada who has been held hostage by the travel business for over 13 years. An incurable smart aleck, famous pink fanatic, cap person, and ukulele person of dubious abilities, Stephanie considers the geeky side of travel on her website A Nerd Most Importantly, and dispenses random quirkiness as @ANerdAtLarge on Twitter. She undoubtedly believes that anything is achievable with enough dedication and massive levels of chocolate. Share Your Ideas

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