Friday, April 5, 2013

Little Samoa Air First To Fee Guests Predicated On Weight

Samoa Air has reported that it'll now start charging passengers based on weight. The controversial new pricing implies that it will now be cheaper for thinner consumers to visit with the little flight, which operates only two aircraft over a few relatively short paths. These planes are small, making them more prone to heavy loads while they travel between Samoa, American Samoa, North Tonga, Niue, the North Cook Islands and French Polynesia. According to the newest policy, passengers, along with their bags, will be considered at the airport to determine just how much they will need to pay. They'll then be charged a fixed rate per kilogram, which varies predicated on which route the passenger is clearly traveling. These prices vary from less than $1 all the way up to $4.16 per kilogram. There are no extra bag fees of all kinds, only a simple scale based entirely on fat. That is an appealing method of pricing to state the smallest amount of. As somebody who will travel light, I know would not mind seeing a number of the larger air companies adopt the same approach. But considering the size of several passengers, not to mention their bags, I am not sure how popular it'd be with the general public. Besides, dealing with a TSA assessment can be traumatic enough, how poor would you feel if you'd to step on a scale at the ticket counter too? [Photo Credit: Samoa Air] Registered under: Oceania, Samoa, Airlines, News

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